Curtis and Rachel's
Very Timely


Saturday March 14th 2020 | 6PM - Late


97 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC


What's Brewhall like?

Brewhall does an excellent job of living up to its name: it's a big hall full of food and a brewery. We've rented out the entire upstairs space - the DrinkLab - for our group and have everything we need including our own private bar and washrooms, but the downstairs will be running as usual for a Saturday night...and let me tell you it will get to be a pretty loud PARTY down there as we drift into late night. They even have a DJ downstairs (not specifically ours but he specializes in indie rock/pop and we think he's pretty fun, and if asked nicely might take some requests) and a range of arcade games!

More info on Brewhall.

Where is it?

One of the nice things about BrewHall is how close to transit it is (a great opportunity to leave the car at home and sample all the BrewHall drink wares) - it's just a few blocks away from the Main Street Skytrain station in the Olympic Village area. There's also pay parking available throughout the area, but it can get pretty competitive on a Saturday night.

97 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC

Will there be food?

Brewhall can probably best be classified as upscale pub food, and they have a delicious selection for vegans and meat-lovers alike. We're still figuring out the exact menu situation with them, but we will definitely have dinner taken care of as well as snacks throughout the evening. Also, as you would expect from both us and a BrewHall, THERE WILL BE (very good) BEER flowing. And if that's not your thing, they also have excellent cocktail and wine options!

Can I bring a plus one?

Absolutely! Partners, dates, and friend-dates are all welcome. Just make sure you let us know when you RSVP. What about kids? See the next question!

Are kids allowed to come?

Definitely! Brewhall is kid friendly and we're going to have our own separate section, but it does get a little loud so keep that in mind if you have any very little ones.

What should I wear?

Whatever your heart desires. Hoodies will be exactly as welcome as suit jackets.

Where are you registered?

We aren't. This is a gift-free event - your presence at this event is gift enough for us. We have all the material goods we need (and definitely a lack of room for more). We just want to spend some time having a fun evening with you!

If you'd like to contribute to this campaign we've started for the BC SPCA, who hold a special place with our family as they helped get one of our cats back on his feet before we adopted him, that would be swell and we would really appreciate it!

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